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We Asked 8 Tech Specialists For Their Best Career Advice. This is What They Said.

We Asked 8 Tech Specialists For Their Best Career Advice. This is What They Said.

Two of our Senior Consultants, Claire and Max, went to the WeAreDevelopers World Congress event in Berlin. With 250+ speakers and 8000+ Developers discussing trends and opportunities in modern software development, they set out to learn each person’s take on all things tech and career choices.

Navigating a career in the fast-paced world of tech can be tough, and you will most likely make mistakes. But don’t worry! All of us make mistakes, it’s just important that you learn from them.

That’s why we asked 8 established tech specialists to reflect on their early days and share their ‘Best Career Advice’. Here are their wise words:

1. Eike Pierstorff - Technical Product Manager

In my first programming job, one of the senior developers said to me, "One hour of thinking saves a day of programming". Even taken literally that is more true than not, and even more so when you take it as general advice to think before you act.

If you also want to know the best advice I can give, then it is probably "don't be impressed with powerful people", because frankly most of their power comes from the fact that somebody is impressed by them, and otherwise they are just people.

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2. Sebastian Ramirez Montano - Staff Software Engineer

That it is quite probable that no step is the final step.

It's always a step leading to the next one. This applies in particular to jobs, it should probably never feel and shouldn't be considered that you are expected to be at that same job position or company forever. That's the advice that my first boss in tech gave me during the first weeks after he hired me.


3. Shai Almog - Developer Advocate

The best career advice is "empathy".

I was arrogant early in my career and kept lecturing people. Not really listening but rather telling them what I thought they needed to hear. I think ultimately this held up my career quite a bit.


4. Kilian Kluge - Explainable AI Specialist & Co-Founder inlinity

I first heard this advice geared towards PhD students but I find that it applies to a career as well: A good strategy is to work on something that you are in the best position to tackle. Your ideal area of specialization should sit at the intersection of what has an impact, what you are passionate about, and what you are uniquely suited for.


5. Giorgio Boa - Full Stack Developer at Claranet Italia

The advice was to never give up and to learn something new every day, even if it is a small one.

I think it's a smart way to prevent burnout but still achieve results. Over a long period, like a year, you will get a lot of improvements and if you think about this it is a great thing.


6. Dominik Kress - Product Owner

Be patient.

Especially as a young developer, I wanted to achieve so much so fast and was frustrated when I couldn't achieve it fast enough, but a lot of times, patience delivers better and longer-lasting results.


7. Heitor Silva - Engineering Manager at Soundcloud

It's not because you're not skilled in subject A that you can't teach subject B.

Nothing says you can't teach other people only when you reach seniority over something... Teaching is also a way of reaching seniority, so just find your prefered way to teach.


8. Daniel Strmecki - Director of Digital Platforms at IBM iX

Invest in yourself and your knowledge!

You can never go wrong with investing in your education. You will for sure make a profit on that investment, but it pays off in the long run.


And there you have it! A summary of 8 individual experiences and the resulting advice from some of the best in tech. These pieces of advice will help you avoid any major pitfalls as you start or continue your career path.

Don’t forget – making mistakes is okay! It’s never too late to learn from your mistakes and refine and improve your process.


Which of these did you find the most useful?


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30 August 2022