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Backend Engineer


First established in 2020, m3ter has fast become an essential partner for some of the world’s fastest growing and profitable SaaS businesses. Since they were incorporated, they have built an incredible solution and a first-class team, bound together by a belief in a great product and clear vision for the future.



Like all great innovation, m3ter was born from necessity. The founders deployed usage-based pricing at their previous start-up (acquired by Amazon) and then saw what best-in-class tooling looks like while at AWS. They saw a gap and an opportunity so joined forces with the Chief Data Scientist of a major financial services business with deep experience of applied data science at scale.


The business has raised $17.5m in seed funding from Tier 1 VCs. They are already seeing strong results 9 months out of stealth, and are scaling quickly with a team of almost 50 today. m3ter has an impressive client list who rely on them as an integral part of their technology stack, powering their usage-based pricing.



Working here

m3ter is a ‘remote first’ business. That means you can be hired in multiple locations within +/-3 hours GMT and you will be on a level playing field with the rest of the business.


m3ter focuses on making sure everyone feels a part of the business and is embedded into the culture. There is a strong focus on building solid relationships from the outset, with initiatives such as buddying, the encouragement of virtual coffees, and Friday Fun sessions comprising an integral part of the onboarding process.

Once a quarter the m3ter team hosts a week-long, company-wide m33tup. These are offsites based in different countries and focused on strategy alignment, celebrating progress, team-building, and the deepening of connections via social activities and time spent in person.

Working here

The Opportunity

We need a Backend Engineer to operate in one of their high performing engineering teams. The Product Group at m3ter operates in small, semi-autonomous squads that combine contributors from Engineering, Data, Product, and UX. Each squad has clear responsibilities for specific products or features, and every member has a high degree of autonomy in achieving this responsibility. This is a hands-on role where you will be cutting code on a regular basis in a fast paced, agile environment and you will be empowered to take ownership over your work.

This is a vital role at the core of the company. You will have a major say in discovery (what problems to solve and why) and will be central to architecting and building solutions.

You will spend most of your time getting your hands dirty solving complex challenges, where you will encounter huge amounts of data.

This is a DevOps role. You build it, you run it. It’s a full end to end role, within the scope of backend services.

Apply Now

About you

The ideal candidate will have demonstrable experience with Java and AWS services. You will also have experience in modern frame works in the Java world, either Spring or Micronaut.

You like to solve problems and have had experience working in fast-paced product environments where quality of code is important.

Experience working for a start-up would be valuable and an interest in working with big data would be welcomed.

It is essential that you can demonstrate good communication skills and have the confidence to work on highly complex projects / workstreams and systems of scale.

about you

Our Process

The interview process is straight forward and streamlined. The aim is to complete the process within 2 weeks.

1. Intro call with one of the recruiters at Init8 to see if you are a good fit. There will be some basic Java questions which will be required to go forward with your CV. CV is reviewed by the Director of Engineering Excellence, with feedback within 24hr – 48hrs.

2. 30min chat with one of the software engineers. This will be to understand your motivations and experience, and a high-level technical discussion. You will get an introduction to m3ter and the role you are applying for.

3. Tech Interview: 1 hour Here you will have an opportunity to show case your technical skills through a live coding / pairing exercise. This also may involve some whiteboarding / systems design and a conversation with two senior engineers.

4. Final chat (1hr) with CEO/Co-Founder. This will be the last step of the process. It is a great opportunity ask any pressing questions to the founder of m3ter(!) and consider culture and team fit.

our process

The team you’ll be joining

You will join one of 4 squads. Each are multi-disciplined teams and have ownership of a specific part of the m3ter product (Analytics, Integrations, Metering, and Billing & Rating squad).

They are responsible for new products, specific features and maintenance, and operate with a high degree of autonomy in achieving their goals.

You’ll be working collaboratively with backend engineers, Data specialists, UX and product owners. 4 Product squads

• Metering: This squad obtains huge amounts of data from multiple sources such as API and message queues. The metering product gives customers the ability to track usage specific to their business from any source.

• Billing & Rating: This is the core of the product where real time bills are calculated and generated automatically with the use of millions of data points. The team deals with the ingestion of millions of pieces of data.

• Analytics: Creation of custom reports with huge input from AI & Machine learning to help customers understand usage spend and margin data on a granular level

• Integrations: The team focuses on integrating in 3rd part APIs, whether enterprise CRM’s or other finance systems.

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The team you'll be joining

Why work here

There are multiple reasons to join m3ter. Here are a few of the common ones.

The team is first and foremost comprised of supportive, friendly, and highly competent individuals who trust each other. You’ll find some have worked with each other previously and they have retained a culture of innovation and togetherness.

A sense of purpose: the team are building something that has never been done before. It will have a direct impact on solving some complex issues in the SaaS space.

Opportunity for growth from the moment you start. You’ll be learning from some of the best in the industry. Jon, the VP of engineering, has years of experience, as does the rest of the Leadership Team. You will have access to some great mentors and an environment designed to help you succeed.

The flexibility and freedom that comes with their remote-first environment.

why work here


Java, AWS (S3, Kinesis Streams, SQS, SNS, Lambda, ECS Fargate), NoSQL , Micronaut + more.

Don’t just take our word for it.
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