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At Initi8, we believe in collaboration and will work closely with you to understand your business and your requirements. Only then will we build talent pools of the highest calibre candidates, who are both capable and passionate about working for your business.


We carry out aptitude, personality and technical tests and can interview on your behalf, so you can rest assured that your hires will be a great fit.

We’re committed to hiring as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring the quality of our candidates. Our video interviewing platform alone has reduced the time to hire by 60%.

We believe in taking you on the journey with us. Our clients have access to a portal to track all applications of potential candidates.


Our Services

We offer four solutions to meet the fast paced and flexible needs of our clients in the UK, European Union and the United States.


  • Traditional contingency model and subscription solutions
  • Recruiting across the UK, Europe and the US


  • Contractors for short and long term
  • Staff compliant to local legislation

Project Delivery

  • Delivering professional services projects
  • Delivering technical projects

Full Service Alliance

  • Combining your team with ours to create an embedded talent team
  • Building strategic recruitment pipelines

Talent Vault

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Thought Leadership Scheme

Through this scheme, we connect businesses seeking advice on how to elevate their organisations, with thought leaders in the recruitment industry.


Over the years, Initi8 has built strong relationships with thought leaders in the recruitment industry. These are individuals with a wealth of experience, who have been there, done that and have shaken things up. They are industry innovators, who have built amazing businesses, unbelievable engagement within their teams, have changed consumer habits and have helped to sculpt the world we live in today.

Through our Thought Leadership Scheme, we can connect businesses seeking advice on how to take their organisation to the next level, with these trailblazing individuals.

 Initi8 does not charge for this service. Our job is simply to put you in touch with these leaders in order to help your business flourish. Your thought leader will discuss their financial conditions for their advice with you, and any financial relationship will be between you and your thought leader.

If your business requires a spark, a sounding board or independent advice, get in touch with us.


Client Toolkit

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