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Greenify by Initi8

Greenify by Initi8

Greenify (verb) – To balance the environmental impact of a person, product or service

Founded in 2019 by Neil Owens and Steve Thompson, Greenify have been working with forward thinking businesses to offset their impact on the planet. From tree planting in Mexico to plastic waste recovering in Indonesia, Greenify are involved in eco initiatives across the globe.

Initi8 Recruitment ‘Greenify by Initi8’ have joined the movement to push back against the accelerating destruction of our planet’s life support system by preserving the earths standing forests, regenerating deforested land, and stemming the flood of marine plastic that’s damaging the Oceans ability to absorb and safely store CO2.

Through this partnership, Initi8 is proud to confirm that we have hit net zero. We have done this by offsetting all of carbon emissions, planting trees for every employee in our business and supporting Greenify’s projects.

Now your recruitment team can help in your businesses drive to net zero by Greenifying your recruitment function and decarbonising everyone your hire through our business.

For each person you hire with Initi8, we can:

  • - Provide 12.7 Tonnes of nature-based carbon offsets
  • - Capture 34KG of ocean plastic waste and recycle
  • - Plant 8 trees

We are proud to join the green movement and to do our bit to help to preserve and safeguard our planet.

Learn more about Greenify and join the movement via their links:




If you would like to find out more about how you can hit net zero, book a call with a member of our team and join Initi8 community over on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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05 May 2022