8 Tips to Land the Best Candidate in a 'Candidate's Market'

8 Tips to Land the Best Candidate in a 'Candidate's Market'

We all know there is a shortage of good candidates for the best jobs. In a candidates-driven market, finding the ideal person is not a simple task, especially when there are one hundred and one other things that also need attending to within the business.

However, rushed decisions do not lead to long-term, satisfied employees. As recruiters, we need to be on our front foot and making sure we don’t let the best slip through our fingers.  So, how do you find your talent in a candidate-driven market? Here are eight tips for catching and landing the best. 

1. Choose your partners carefully.

You reputation is important to you, so make sure you work with recruitment partners who understand and will uphold your brand values.  Use too many agencies and you will dilute your message. 

2. Focus.

The gun dog does not chase all the ducks.  Focus your efforts. Chase the one/s you want, don't cast your net too wide.

3. Come to market with a compelling recruitment statement.

Know what you are trying to achieve and build a recruitment statement that helps to sell your opportunity. Make sure this is showcased in all your media and by everyone in your recruitment process including your agencies. For example: “My inc is looking to build a centre of excellence, pulling in global talent to solve real life issues” etc.

4. Be super-prepped for the interview.

Know the questions that make a difference and avoid the questions that go no-where (let us know if you want more tips of the Questions that Count).  Ask us to run a video interview as a screener - this can be most effective use of time and efficient for all sides.  Make sure all interviewers are at the right level... there is nothing that puts candidates off more than being interviewed by someone who is too junior to understand the role in question.      

5. Be Open.

Understand what makes a great employee in your business and make sure you are not missing the best person because they are missing a technical skill that they could learn in a week. 

6. When you know....go.  

Don't prevaricate or procrastinate.  When you have the facts you need - make the decision and offer. 

7. Pay accordingly for their skills.

Offer a salary that the job is worth not one based on their previous salary. Otherwise, there is every chance you will lose them, either immediately or soon. 

8. On-board like a good 'un.  

Be sure you're ready for their first day.  Put yourself in their shoes and be sure they land well. Have a good induction and help them feel part of the team quickly.   




08 October 2021