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Candidate Available...

Staff Engineer/Team Lead

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Staff Engineer/Team Lead
Location Kilburn
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) ASAP

  • Over 20 years Software Engineer experience
  • Skilled in Go(lang), Java, Spring, Hibernate and Architecture design
  • As a Tech Lead, he has experience in leading and mentoring other developers, while working in an Agile (Scrum/Kanban) environment

Key skills & experience

Paulo is a talented software Engineer with over 20 years of experience, 3 years of which are in Go. He lives in Kilburn and is looking for a remote role. Unfortunately, due his current company making layoffs he been affected by this due to him recently joining, therefore he is available immediately.

In his current role at Infosum he is on the Dataset Import project using Go and after 3 years in Go he would love the opportunity for his next role to also be using Go. Paulo has a wealth of knowledge and has previously done Full-Stack positions.

Paulo is a great communicator and is available to start and interview immediately. His cv is great and if you have a look over this you will definitely want to interview him.

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