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Front-end Lead Engineer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Front-end Lead Engineer
Location Remote
Contract Preference Permanent,Contract
Availability (Notice Period) 2 to 4 weeks

  • Expertise and knowledge in web-frontend-side technologies (HTTP, WebSocket, REST, HTML, CSS (SCSS, SASS, LESS, CSSinJS), JavaScript (TypeScript), SPA, React (Ant Design, Material UI, Bootstrap), Vue, VueX, Flux, Redux, StoryBook, REST, GraphQL, WebPack, Vite) and well in server side technologies (NodeJS, Express, Koa)
  • Experience in UI/UX design (Figma)
  • Certified Frontend Developer with 6+ years of work experience in IT industry

Key skills & experience

He is a talented Senior Front-end Engineer who has been working on Front-end web applications for over 6 years, using JavaScript frameworks (Vue,Vuex, React and TypeScript.

He is currently  based in Serbia and he is working as a Front-end Lead Engineer working with a bank as a client.

He is currently working on the Front-end Architecture with Vue, Vuex, JavaScript, TypeScript and GraphQL and he is adding new functionalities and developing new UI Companents with Vue. Aleksei is taking part in testing with Jest and he is contributing towards UI/UX designs.

He really enjoys coding with Vue and he will be able to contribute towards the product life cycle.

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