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Lead Engineer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Lead Engineer
Location Sweden
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) 3 months

  • 5 Years of Exclusive Golang Development
  • Leading a team to build a greenfield project
  • Strong experience with AWS and GCP

Key skills & experience

Maceij is a great communicator who has recently moved to Sweden from Poland with his family. He is looking for a new permanent role with a Swedish based Product company where he can continue to grow his career use experience. He has been working with Golang for 5 years and it is the language he is passionate about and would like to continue working with. In his current role at 90poe he is a Technical Team Lead, working closely with the product teams, defining architectural decisions and mentoring team members. He is also involved in the hiring of new software engineers, conducting interviews and reviewing tech tasks. He is motivated by complex technical challenges and can be available immediately to start the interview process.

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