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Senior Software Engineer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Senior Software Engineer
Location Seattle
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) 2 weeks

  • Led architecture and design pattern decisions for the core rendering system that statically generates SEO using Golang, Next.js, React, TypeScript, GraphQL, AWS Lambda,
  • Created lectures, class materials, and standard operating procedures for final project, redux, and new React v16.x curricula at a Coding Academy
  • Excellent communicator, US Citizen who is happy to work in international teams

Key skills & experience

Michael experienced Software Engineer based in Seattle. In his current role with Caring.com, Michael is working in the greenfield team responsible for building all new features across the main B2C sites and other web applications. Handling legacy PHP codebases, his focus has been migrating PHP services to TypeScript and use React, React Hooks with Redux on all new features with both REST and GraphQL APIs. As a senior engineer he is heavily involved in the system design which he enjoys and takes an active approach in mentoring junior members in the latest concepts of TypeScript. 

In a previous project, Michael built a Golang gRPC microservices from scratch which he enjoyed learning & using. He counts himself as a beginner in Golang but would like to get more hands-on with the language.

Based in Seattle, Michael is a sociable person with great communication skills. He is happy to work remotely or go to the office and is a US Citizen.

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