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Candidate Available...

Senior Backend Engineer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Senior Backend Engineer
Location Hamburg
Contract Preference Contract
Availability (Notice Period) 2 Weeks Negotiable

  • Expertise in Cloud Architecture (AWS, GCP, and DigitalOcean) Virtualisation (Docker), DevOps and Security
  • 6 years’ experience using Go
  • 8 years of experience managing small and medium teams (maximum 17 people), happy for a hands on role also

Key skills & experience

He has got 17 years of consistent success in large-scale Enterprise development with
Microsoft technologies, plus proven mastery of emerging full-stack technologies. He is a
talented Golang Engineer with 6 years’ experience and is looking for a remote role that is challenging.

At his previous role he was responsible for the third party applications team, making
sure that the integrations with the input parties and the CRM's are working and the current and new functionalities are in sync between them. To do this he was using NodeJS, TypeScript, ES6, MongoDB, Golang, GCS, Docker Swarm, Docker, Pipedream, Bitbucket, Linux (Ubuntu), VS Code, Jira and Kubernetes. He was managing 7 people but has managed up to 18 in previous roles.

He is looking for a hands-on role and or management and he is living in Hamburg.

He is easy to talk to and a good communicator.

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