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Senior Software Engineer - Golang

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Senior Software Engineer - Golang
Location UK
Contract Preference Permanent,Contract
Availability (Notice Period) ASAP

  • Experience as a team lead
  • 5 years’ experience using Go and before this PHP
  • Developing restful API’s using Go, maintaining existing API’s built with PHP, My SQL and MongoDB

Key skills & experience

Femi has 5 years’ Experience in Go and previously used PHP before transitioning. He will be in the UK the last week of June on a Global Talent Visa which means he can work in the UK without any restrictions. This Visa lasts 5 years and then he will become a permanent resident, so no sponsorship is required.

In his current role as a Senior Software & DevOps he is responsible for maintaining and understanding of all key and current technologies, platforms, and trends and to manage and motivate engineers. He is developing restful API’s using Go, maintaining existing API’s built with PHP, My SQL and MongoDB.
He has experience as a team lead where he trained and mentored junior developers and engineers, teaching them skills in software.
He is a great communicator and is available to interview immediately. This candidate would be a fantastic addition to any company that hires him. He is open to local jobs or remote opportunities.

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