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Candidate Available...

Senior Software Engineer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Senior Software Engineer
Location Paris, France
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) 3 months

  • Ex – Scrum Master who is also a talented software engineer building cloud based microservices
  • Strong Infrastructure experience with DevOps such as Docker, Kubernetes and GCP
  • Experience as a lead on projects in the past

Key skills & experience

A Senior software engineer with over 15 years of experience in the engineering space. He also undertook a role as a scrum master in the past to ensure agile framework is respected and principles are followed.

He comes form a computer science background where he began his career coding with Java. Over the past few of years he has been heavily involved with Golang as a individual contributor and classes himself as fullstack with experience on Infrastructure.

Ideally looking for a Team lead position where he can coach , mentor and support other engineers. He has great communication skills and would an awesome addition to most tech teams. 

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