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Software Engineer and Technical Leader

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Software Engineer and Technical Leader
Location Aldershot, UK
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) ASAP

  • Working in software development since 2007 with experience in building full stack web applications and highly scalable distrubuted systems
  • Like using agile processes and DevOps methodoloy to build highly scalable, resilient and observable software systems
  • Current enviroment: GO, Kafka, GRPC, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS

Key skills & experience

This candidate lives in Basingstoke and has been working in the IT occupational sector for more than 14 years. He has extensive knowledge of PostgreSQL, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, Integration Testing, Apache Kafka, GRPC, Prometheus, Redis, CockroachDB, Kibana, Microservices, Elasticsearch and Jaeger. In his previous role  he moved his way up to Tech Lead managing up to 10 engineers to design and implement. In that role he used Go, NATS, Kubernetes AWS and Docker.

This candidate would be a fantastic addition to any company that hires him. Based in Aldershot he is open to local jobs or remote opportunities and is available ASAP.

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