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Meet the Initi8 team

At Initi8 we’re positive people, we work hard, have fun, and do more to ensure that all of our relationships are successful. We’ve been excelling at IT solutions for nearly 30 years, and we are here to make sure your company thrives.

Meet some of our team.

Stephen Hellier Initi8 Recruitment, Project Management Recruitment London, Business Analyst Recruiter, CTO Recruitment, Senior Appointments

Meet Stephen Hellier

Hi I am Stephen, one of the founding partners of Initi8 recruitment, I have been working in technical recruitment since we were dealing with the millennium bug, and have been keeping pace with it ever since.

My job at Initi8 Recruitment is to run out technical and risk businesses, training our consultants, improving our processes and acting as the account director for a number of our clients. I am still very hands on with the actual recruitment element, mainly because I love the industry, as such I still recruit business analysts and project managers for our clients.

Outside of work you will see me rushing about taking the children to clubs, taking on DIY tasks way beyond my ability and playing the odd game of rugby. I have in depth knowledge of 90’s music and “appeared” in the movie Gladiator.

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Meet Tim McAllister

Bio text to be supplied by Initi8

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Meet James Butler

Hi I’m James, and I’ve been with Initi8 Recruitment since September 2013 following my graduation from Newcastle Uni that same year.

I’m our Chief Recruiter of Developers, and although I’ve helped recruit all types of Devs in the past, Java and C# have been my languages of choice since early 2015.

As the only Northerner in the office, I like to think I face the often cold world of recruitment with the honour and bravery similar to that of a Stark. Sheffield is my Winterfell, and London is my Kings Landing.

I’m a committed Glastonbury attendee as of 2015, a 2 time Tough Mudder accomplisher, and I like Game of Thrones (if you hadn’t figured that out).

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Meet Louise Rowson

Hi, I'm Louise and a Senior Account Manager here at Initi8 Recruitment. I've worked here almost since the company was founded and have progressed through all levels from Resourcer to Manager.

I look after a number of our key accounts as well as mentoring a team of Resourcers within the company, focusing on getting them promoted to the next step in their career.

While I used to get my Garage and DnB fix raving across London clubs, these days when I'm not recruiting you're more likely to find me listening to tunes and swinging Kettlebells in the gym!

Member Bio Lawrence Donnelly

Meet Lawrence Donnelly

Bio text to be supplied by Initi8

Member Bio Carl Ashdown

Meet Carl Ashdown

Bio text to be supplied by Initi8

Member Bio Simran Jutley

Meet Simran Jutley

Bio text to be supplied by Initi8

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Meet Adam Oliver

Hi I am Adam Oliver and I am a senior consultant at Initi8 recruitment.

Having studied Psychology at University I have a deep interest in people and their behaviour, so it is probably no surprise that when I started in recruitment I was drawn to the world of data, and how companies use it to engage and influence its potential customer base.  The landscape is continuously evolving and one of the reasons I find it so fascinating is because the industry doesn’t stand still.

Having two young children I have to say that they are my life – not in the “father of the year” sense - but more in that they ARE my life.  So when I am not changing nappies, taking them to classes or trying to coax them out of a meltdown (the primary language in my house is screaming), I like to pass the time sitting quietly in a dark room.

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Meet Maxwell Petch

Hi I’m Maxwell and one of the consultants here at Initi8 Recruitment. I have recently joined the company and so am building my reputation and progressing in the competitive IT Recruitment industry.

I am part of our Development Team and specialise in sourcing experienced Front-End and Back-End Developers, highly skilled in Core Java and other contributing technologies. I am very passionate about the roles I currently operate and take a real pleasure in delivering top quality candidates to our clients and keeping a keen eye of the latest developments in the IT world.

Outside of the office you will either find me poorly attempting Beckham-esc free kick on a football field or participating in my passion for motor racing across the UK’s cold and bleak circuits. I once had a short career playing high-level academy football many years ago and have successfully survived a swim at the ‘Devils Pool’ in Zimbabwe.

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Meet Zak Abukar

Hi, I am Zakaria or Zak to some. I started out in recruitment at the end of 2015 after studying Biological Science for a few years. My role here at initi8 is to resource all of our accounts within software development, to develop new business and maximise opportunities with potential clients.

Outside of work you’ll usually find me running tirelessly around a field kicking a ball for my local football team.

And if I’m not playing football I’ll definitely be watching it! Where I am in a complicated relationship with Arsenal FC. In my spare spare time, I do love travelling and immersing myself in to different cultures… I have completed 14 out of 195 countries which equates to 7.18% of the world.

Kevin Anang Initi8 Recruitment, Data Architect Jobs, SAS Recruitment, Data Science Jobs

Meet Kevin Anang

Hi, I’m Kevin and I am a Recruitment Consultant at Initi8 Recruitment. I work within the Data and Analytics sector, with particular focus on permanent positions.

I aim to resource the highest quality candidates utilising a range of different networks to achieve this ambition. I am conscientious and thorough, in addition to scouring the highest quality candidates, I also aim to secure the best quality companies.

Away from work, I am regularly in the gym as well as playing rugby and basketball. Despite this my favour sport is football, and my team are the great West London boys in blue, Chelsea. Apart from this I also have a great interest in photography, and one of my favourite photographers is Carolina Mizrahi.

Matt Allum Initi8 Recruitment, Data Architect Jobs, SAS Recruitment, Data Science Jobs

Meet Matt Allum

Hi I’m Matt, and I am the latest addition to the Development team here at Initi8. I’m here to find the perfect candidates for our clients, and I am also looking for exciting new clients to work with.

During the winter months, you can find me playing Rugby, in the pub or shouting at Spurs either on the TV or at the Lane. During the summer, I enjoy a good music festival, surfing in Cornwall, and getting furious at myself as I struggle round various Golf Courses.