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Senior Software Engineer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Senior Software Engineer
Location Greece
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) 2 weeks

  • Fullstack development and research
  • Key developer on Core Insights team
  • Python development – 7 years experience

Key skills & experience

Antony is an experienced software engineer who is actively seeking a new role. He appreciates innovation and problem-solving and feels he would work well in a startup environment. He is currently working as a fullstack developer in Greece. He is happy to work remotely for companies in other countries on a B2B basis. He is ready to take on a new role where he can use Python as his main language going forward. He is a good communicator and would love a role where he can take on big development responsibilities as well as work closely with a team on a product he finds interesting.

Although he has been working as a fullstack and he has been using Laravel, PHP and VueJS more recently, he wants to move more towards Python being his main language. He has around 7 years experience with this and considers it his main language. He really enjoys working with it and doesn’t mind taking a step back to a mid-senior position – as long as he can use this as his main language.

In Antony’s most recent role he worked on the TechInsights Core Team where he was the most senior member on the team. It was the main product of the company. His team helped telecommunications companies with their product by enabling them to automate their product. They had some big clients on board. Being a member of the core team, he created new features and restructured older code from end-to-end. He started on the backend, designed the UI and developed it using Javascript on the frontend, closer to when the product was finishing. He is a keen learner and would be thrilled to be exposed to languages Golang in his next role, if possible.

He is a keen developer, great communicator and passionate team player. He is always looking to be exposed to modern technologies while making a real difference in the team and organization he becomes a part of. He is creative and enjoys problem-solving which is why he feels a smaller or startup environment would match his background and needs right now.

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