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Senior Software Engineer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Senior Software Engineer
Location Hungary
Contract Preference Permanent,Contract
Availability (Notice Period) 1 month

  • Backend engineering in industries like IoT, telecoms and cyber security
  • Architecture in Linux
  • Cloudification, mostly AWS and Agility

Key skills & experience

Akos is an experienced software developer who has substantial experience on the backend. He is based in Hungary and looking for suitable remote roles. His team has experienced some migrations and the role was not everything he thought it would be. He is looking for more structure and a different environment where he can use his skills and experience fully.  He is a people’s person and can be suited to a variety of roles and teams.

He would ideally enjoy a role that is a mixture of a developer and an architect as he has recently had some architecture and SDE experience and exposure. His main programming languages are Python and Golang. His Golang experience is around 3 years. In his team, he worked on cloudification, mostly AWS and agility. He used the Scrum framework in his architectural responsibilities for developing cybersecurity tasks.

Akos has experience with reverse engineering whereby he had to understand a legacy system from code and the database and created a documentation about it. He has also used web scraping as a hobby project where he scraped and stored data into a database from a website. In his most recent role he has worked in the Cybersecurity space where he took on a more architectural approach using specific frameworks.

Akos is a natural problem solver, leader and communicator. He would fit in well with any team as he is easy to understand and work with as well as has an adaptable nature. He years of experience have made him realise good from average quality code and he will always put great amounts of effort into ensuring his projects are high quality.

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