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Fullstack developer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Fullstack developer
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) 3 months

  • Building fullstack web applications
  • Tech lead for 3-4 projects a year
  • Frontend development with React and Backend with Golang

Key skills & experience

Christopher is a software developer who has been working in a fullstack role more recently. He is looking for a new opportunity where he can develop his skillset as well as an enjoyable and interesting environment. He is a big fan of the music industry and also would enjoy a bigger company environment. He is based in Sweden, Stockholm. Christopher is a great communicator and is easy to get along with from the beginning.

In his most recent role he has been using Typescript and React and on the backend he uses Golang, Postgres and GraphQL. He also has some app experience with React Native. In a previous role he also gained Typescript experience with apps.  In his architecture exposure, his team was focused on event forcing which was not a traditional relational database model. He was responsible for playing back events on the database. On the backend, he used GRPC which was for the services. It is similar to a microservices platform and can become fully microservices if a little expansion occurs.

He is goal-driven and has a positive attitude overall. He is always looking for opportunity for growth and will be able to contribute significantly to a variety of situations and roles.

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Despina Atherfold

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