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Senior Software Engineer – Golang

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Senior Software Engineer – Golang
Location Spain
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) Immediate

  • 3 years of exclusive Golang Development
  • Lead a team on a project to rewrite an entire application from PHP to Golang
  • Strong experience with AWS

Key skills & experience

Timo is an excellent communicator who is based in Spain and now immediately available having just completed a 12 month assigmnent with Deliveroo.

With Golang as his primary language he has played a key part in several critical projects in his current role working across multiple teams.

He has worked in distributed teams and is comfortable working remotely. He has been programming with Golang full time for just under two years and it is a language he is passionate about. In his previous role he rewrote a delivery system which is a geographically heavy application, this was re written in Golang from PHP.

Timo is a passionate developer who enjoys being in collaborative environments, he enjoys the start up mentality and is somebody who is forthcoming with his ideas. He has also gained several months expereince leading a team which he enjoys although would always want to remain hands on.

As well as his experience with Golang, Timo has also started to use Rust which he is enjoying and experiments with in his personal projects.

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