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Golang Engineer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Golang Engineer
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) 2 months

Andrew is a talented Software Engineer who started his career working as a Front-end Engineer and now he really enjoys and has a passion coding with Golang on Back-end web applications. He has over 5 years’ experience working as a Software Engineer.

He is currently working as a Golang Engineer, and he is working on a betting product. Andrew is implementing business requirements for the Microservice back-end of the gaming tribe.He is adding SQL migration scripts to adapt the MySQL database with new changes, and he is making sure the quality of the codes is high quality and they are performing well. Andrew has over 1.5 years’ experience coding with Golang v1.18 and he likes to follow Agile, Scum and Kanban methodologies. He can also work as a Full-stack Engineer if needed be, he has experience coding with React frameworks and libraries.

Key skills & experience

  • Over 5 years Software Engineer experience
  • Over 3 years React experience
  • Over 2 years Golang experience

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