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Senior Software Developer

Key Candidate Info

Job Title Senior Software Developer
Contract Preference Permanent
Availability (Notice Period) 1 month

  • Golang developer – building microservices
  • Previous development in C, Node.js and .Net
  • Ensuring product lifecycle is maintained and of a high standard

Key skills & experience

Gjergji is a highly skilled Golang developer who is looking for a new role and challenge. He is need of a change of environment as there have been some unfavorable changes in his current position. He is based in Albania and is set up to work remotely. Apart from finding an interesting Golang position, where he can progress and develop his career, Gjergji seeks a supportive and fun work environment with a hands on team.

Gjergji has around 3-4 years with Golang as his main language. He is experienced with building microservices in Golang and using AWS to bring these to life. Some of his responsibilities were to ensure the product was always maintained and of a high standard. In previous roles, he worked on the blockchain databases and Rest APIs which were all written in Go.

His previous experience was with the C language as well as Node.js, .Net and SQL databases to name a few. Gjergji has had several responsibilities in previous roles and is confident in taking on new challenges. He has extensive knowledge on applications but is also keen to work a product-focused role.

He will be a value to any team. He comes across as confident, open-minded and a passionate Golang developer. He likes to get the job done while making an impact while doing this. He communicates well and is easy to get along with.

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