At Initi8 Recruitment, we work with candidates from not only within the UK, but throughout Europe as well. Leading into the Brexit vote this June, we found there was a feeling of uncertainty among many of our European candidates, meaning many weren’t sure if they should or even could commit to a new role. How would the Brexit vote affect them? What if it made it too difficult to find and relocate for work within the UK? How secure would their position be over the coming years, once article 50 is triggered?

But, three months down the track, how has Brexit affected us and our candidates?

Well, to be completely honest, it hasn’t affected us much at all. We’ve found that the number of roles available in the IT sector has in fact been rising.  After a brief pause, the mood of our clients has moved from fear, to shock, and now a more pragmatic sentiment has ensued; “It is done, it will happen, now let’s make the best of it.”  

This has meant that the September surge in recruitment, in all areas of IT, has been a big one this year. The areas we have most demand have been Data Analyst, Developers and Data Science.

Although there is still plenty of uncertainty as to what the next two years post-Brexit will bring, looking forward, we at Initi8 Recruitment remain optimistic.  We firmly believe in the free movement of people, something which has allowed our industry to thrive. We are confident that our industry will not be adversely affected and that our relationship with the EU will endure.