Working at Initi8 Recruitment has been quite the learning curve! Recruiters generally receive a lot of bad press, and before I decided to turn to recruitment as a career, I have to say I had similar opinions of a few recruiters due to prior bad experiences. However, working under Steve and Eric (the bosses!) shows you that recruitment doesn’t have to be about key word searches, hard sell techniques or pushing individuals toward opportunities to suit the recruiter’s own benefits.


I’ve been working for Initi8 Recruitment now for around 6 months on the development team- primarily Java and .Net with some functional programming thrown- and the training I have received has ensured that clients receive a truly unique service when finding individuals based on both their personal and professional suitability; a brief look around any of our staff member’s recommendation section on their LinkedIn profiles will quickly highlight how highly individual’s looking for their next role rate our assistance looking for their next career move!


We try and mix things up a little when recruiting. Although we use traditional methods to find talent (e.g. job boards and LinkedIn) which is heavy on the telephone screening and emailing, we also try and network through meet-ups, conferences and other methods; meeting in person really helps us to understand who we are working with! Ultimately, the thing that really makes an individual stand out to me (providing they have already shown they have sufficient technical expertise for the clients’ needs) is when I walk away from a phone call/meeting and genuinely enjoyed the interaction with the individual. Ultimately, if I feel like the individual is somebody I would enjoy working with, then it gives me confidence that the client and his team will probably feel likewise!


So what’s the office environment like?! Fun! Sure recruitment can be long hours, but time really flies when you are surrounded by like-minded professional and personable individuals all working toward common goals. If things are flying- maybe you introduce a niche and exciting role to a suitable individual looking for such a role and make a placement- then you can be sure you’ll have ample colleagues to share your success with- perhaps with a well-deserved shandy with the team. The same can be said when times aren’t quite going so well (it’s a fierce and competitive trade; there are going to be peaks and troughs!), there will always be support and motivation from the team to help you maintain tip-top performance.


So how do you get into recruitment and who is recruitment for? I haven’t been doing it long enough to give you an expert answer, but I’d say that anyone could succeed in recruitment, but you MUST be willing to do a few things: (i) Work extremely hard- that’s both duration and intensity. I don’t know if there are statistics I could use here to make this any more clear, but I am quite confident when I say that getting to work before your competitors and staying at work late after your competitors is going to result in success! Also, don’t spend your time being the tea guy/girl; know your role and get on with it! (ii) Give it a try. It can be a really satisfying job (both intrinsically and extrinsically). You can make serious money, but providing a service for your client and finding someone a job they love also feels great. You won’t know any of this unless you give it a go! Why not pick up the phone and give Steve or Eric a call (020 7092 8190); I’m sure they’ll give you far better advice than I can give seeing as they’ve been doing it far longer!




David Robinson - Initi8 Recruitment