The SQL / BI market is currently booming which is great. However, the challenge is how you can stand out in such a crowded market place.

In this post I will highlight simple changes you can make in order to improve your chances in the market and get that dream job.

  • Technical      Skills


You may be thinking that by listing as many technologies as possible you’ll blow the client away with your astounding knowledge of all things technical. Quite the oppositeDo not list every technology you’ve ever come across. This will have the adverse effect you’re hoping for and drown the valuable skills you do have in a sea of jargon. Limit this list to the technologies you actually use and are proficient in – and if you can create a cube from scratch in SSAS then tell them!


  • Know      when to be concise and when to expand.


Most CV’s are read quickly, so your ability to effectively communicate your technical ability is essential.

For example I often see under job responsibilities or duties;

Ex; “Used T-SQL, SSIS and SSRS.”

Instead I would recommend;

“I worked on leading, producing and developing clear and detailed reports using SSRS, to meet urgent client requirements.”

This sounds simple and it is. However, if you can clearly and concisely explain your technical experience then when a client see’s your CV it speaks volumes for your ability.


  • Engage      with your recruiter and ask for more information on the company and role.


Too many times we all see the recruitment process go through the motions and of course there is nothing wrong with this. But in a market that is this competitive I will always advise my candidates to go a step further.

Ex; I had a candidate who was not the strongest fit on paper. However, they took the time to research the company and the role and write a detailed email. This provided something extra which didn’t come across on the CV. The result? They got the job!

This isn’t the only thing you can do and you may be thinking - isn’t this just a cover letter? However, I view this as a candidate really thinking about and engaging with the role and company.

It’s a great time to be looking for a new role in the Business Intelligence space and if you’re really passionate about finding the right role then take the time to make your profile and application stand out.

Please comment and share, it would be great to hear your thoughts, and if you want any advice then please do not hesitate to either connect with me, message me or call me.

Carl Ashdown.