The obvious and most essential part of hiring for any role is that the technical skills line up with what the role requires. This may seem very basic, and in a nutshell that is what we do, however there are many other factors to consider. A few of these include;


The scale of the environment / purpose of the website

If I am recruiting for a position that will need the contractor to build highly scalable, high transaction websites, then experience working in a small agency on WordPress sites just won’t cut the mustard. It is very difficult to make that transition as a contractor as there are few agencies that work on true enterprise scale builds. That’s not to say agencies aren’t fun to work for and a great environment, it’s more of a ‘horses for courses’ scenario.


Duration of tenure

Yes, I know they’re contract jobs but if you never stick anywhere for more than a month and I’m talking to you about a 6 month role it won’t fill me with confidence. This leads nicely to my next point...


Length of CV

CVs should be clear, concise and as close to two pages as possible, even for contractors (see above for how to make this easier). If it’s hard to read and just a massive bulk text then I don’t think, rightly or wrongly, too many managers will read them properly or fully. And that’s if I send them in the first place, I’ve heard time and time again complaints about the length of CV’s my client’s get through.

A CV is simply a key to open the door; you can expand on the smaller details as part of a discussion when in the interview.



It is becoming more and more dependent on the soft skills to land a contract role, gone are the days when you were the ‘hired gun’ that would come in and just sit in the corner blasting out code. I like to keep close relationships with my clients, which is in part why they still use me, so play nice and we can all get along. I get that we don’t always get it right but there’s an awful lot of recruiter hate at the moment. Let’s all just be nice to each other.


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