Writing a CV as a Project Manager or Business Analyst when you’ve covered so much in your career can be mind boggling! But fear not, help is at hand! Read on for some tips on how to shape up your CV and get noticed.

First of all it is important to realise that one size does NOT fit all:

Writing a generic CV when applying for a specific job is not going to cut it I’m afraid. As a Recruiter, I receive several applications (as do hiring managers) so it is vital you highlight your experience relating to the role being advertised in order to get noticed and most importantly, have your application progressed.

Key things to include on your CV:

As a Project Manager or Business Analyst do not assume because you have this title the hiring manager knows exactly what you have been doing – you have to spell it out.

The elements below are key to show casing your relevant experience as a Project Manager or Business Analyst:

  • Highlight whether it was a full lifecycle project and add a brief synopsis of the project you delivered - a sentence is more than enough in this case as the focus should really be about how you used your skills to deliver the project and not what you delivered.
  • Stakeholder Management: Talk about your experience communicating with stakeholders and how that was conducted i.e. 1-1’s, facilitating workshops etc. Also, explain what kind of stakeholders you were gathering requirements from / managing i.e. business or technical.
  • Include elements such as whether you managed matrix teams, or worked in an Agile environment, created user stories or user cases.
  • Project Managers, when it comes to writing about budgets it is tempting to include the budget for the whole programme  but realistically this is not what recruiters or indeed hiring managers are interested in – what’s really important is the budget you had full PnL responsibility for personally.
  • Finally, although an obvious point, it is imperative that your CV is a sensible length. A CV of four pages should be ample space to get your experience across. Provide detail for your recent roles only, as hiring managers are less interested in what you delivered 10+years ago. If they are really intrigued they will discuss it at interview stage where you can elaborate on your experience.

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