We have all been in interviews and been asked competence based questions; all too often we start babbling. Ten minutes later we haven’t defined our point and lost the thread of what we are saying, or worse, we respond with a two-word answer. Is this you? Then worry not, help is at hand!

The STAR technique is a simple method to keep you on track. Whether you are at an interview, filling out an application form or writing your CV for your next IT role, use this method and you can’t  go wrong.

S – Situation

Briefly explain the situation you were in - “during university”, “whilst delivering the assurance project at Achme Tech” - it sets the scene.

T – Task

Briefly explain what the task was that you had to complete, what were the success criteria. If you were working as a group say what the group did, but be clear what your role was in this task.

A – Action

This is the lion’s share of what you should talk about, typically 60% and include;

  • What you did (describe how you used your IT skills) .
  • Why you did it.
  • How you did it.
  • What technical or analytical skills you used to do it.

R – Result

You have explained the situation, task and action, so it makes sense to explain what difference you made.


  • What happened as a result of your actions?.
  • What would you do differently to improve?
  • What impact the result had overall on the (team) task?.


  • Use an example that is relevant and up to date.
  • Talk about your actions, not just the team’s.
  • Try and use an example with a positive outcome.
  • Be concise.


There you have it Initit8 Recruitments’ guide to acing that dream IT  job! Good luck.

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