As the UK economy starts to pick up from the post-Brexit slump, Initi8 recruitment is firing on all cylinders with a range of exciting opportunities to peak your interest. Whether you’re a Java Developer, Software Engineer or Front End Team Lead, there is a role for you providing the ideal base to relocate to the UK and advance your career. However, there are some topics to consider.

What to expect?

Sieving through the job adverts available both in printed and digital forms, it can be easy to get lost in what’s right for you. However, at Initi8 Recruitment we take you through the process step-by-step ensuring you’re fully in the know as to what to expect. Our first step is to provide a detailed overview of the role, this may include the company’s location, future aspirations, company culture, and any sponsorship options. Once you’re fully satisfied with the role’s overview and it meets all your necessary requirements, only then will we put you forward to the client. If you require help gaining a work permit/VISA to relocate to the UK, our consultants have years of experience working with candidates and clients in these situations, so will be able to assist in making things run smoothly.

I need a VISA sponsorship?

Only a handful of companies provide VISA sponsorship to work in the UK; at Initi8 Recruitment we have a selection of clients who offer this and the process couldn’t be easier. The sponsor will often require a small fee to complete the process whilst handling all of the necessary paperwork throughout. This fee could range from £200 - £400 depending on how quickly you would like to receive your VISA.  It may depend on the company you will be joining, but this fee is most often paid up front, with some offering to take this fee as staggered payments from your annual salary. The VISA application process can take 2-8 weeks, reliant on your nationality and the field of employment you are due to enter; i.e. Java Developer within the Online Gaming sector - The UK Government is currently on the push for more software developers/engineer to work in the UK which is helpful in speeding up the process.

NHS Fee?

To successfully obtain a VISA to work in the UK, you will liable to pay a fee to gain access to the full National Healthcare Service (NHS), which is a law that has recently been enforced by the UK Government. The total cost of this is £450 which is a one-off payment that is paid to your UK Sponsor. Due to this being a UK law, your sponsor will be unable to provide financial support and this will have to be paid to complete the process. Whilst it may seem relatively expensive at first, you will have access to our full healthcare system and will not have to make this payment again for the duration of your VISA.

What shall I do whilst everything is processed?

Whilst your VISA is being processed by your sponsor and the UK Government, we recommend that you begin to search accommodation options within the UK. This process can be a short or lengthy process dependent on your job location and financial budget. Each consultant at Initi8 Recruitment is highly experienced in helping find the right accommodation for you and can provide a brief overview of the expected expenditure in your new employment location.

Can I have my belongings brought to my new accommodation?

The majority of Initi8 Recruitment’s clients who provide VISA sponsorship often provide a relocation package that can entail having your personal belongings shipped from your current location to your new UK home. This process may range from 2-4 weeks depending on your location and the quantity of goods that you would like to have moved. We recommend that whilst your VISA application is processed, you begin to gather how much you would like to have shipped and begin to research companies that provide such services. Each one of our consultants can assist you in finding the right company that offers the best service for you.

What happens when I’ve got my VISA and completed the other necessary steps?

Once you’ve obtained your VISA, you’re all set to start your new life in the UK. You will receive a certificate and official documentation from your sponsor outlining the full details of your VISA and accessibility within the UK. Having a UK VISA can be valid for single or numerous years depending on the agreement between yourself and your sponsor. Obtaining the VISA means that you will be fully eligible to work in the UK with no further requirements other than the outlined time restrictions. Another factor to consider if you have a marital partner, is whether they can obtain a UK Dependent VISA meaning they’ll be able to work in the UK, reliant on your VISA.


If you have any questions about the process outlined above, or would like help finding an opportunity that provides you sponsorship, get in touch at where a consultant in your specified field will be happy to assist.