Women in Tech Festival 2021

Women in Tech Festival 2021

Entering the IT sector as a Woman

As a woman moving into the IT market, I can tell you it can be quite intimidating; my first day was a whirlwind of technical training and introductions. I am working in the world of software engineers, with a specific focus on Golang. Since starting in IT, I have attended a couple of conferences, spoken to some awesome people and have been made to feel very welcome by the community. 


Last week, one of my connections suggested that I watch the virtual Woman in Tech festival on the 22nd and 23rd November. It was a fantastic event filled with inspiring talks on diversity, innovation, and empowerment.


Being new in the tech space did not matter and it was great to hear all the relevant topics we now face in today’s society. Listening to women with all different experiences and hearing their stories was truly inspiring.


It was great to see so many people attend. Sadly, it was online only; it would have been great to meet everyone in person and listen to more of their stories and experiences face to face. I learnt about technology innovations being led by women in the industry and changing the way others think.


The event was run extremely well and big shout out to all the speakers and sponsors. I have to say I found Samantha Payne at Open Bionic (now MBE) to be amazing! It was touching to hear the story of the hero arm.  I loved Michaele Nankin’s tips on how to be heard in a room of alphas. Toni Kent’s panel discussion following Rashords example who was joined by Nnenne Ofochebe, Kaye Jones and Nike Folayan was also a fantastic listen.


Thoughts from fellow women at the event:

 “One thing that stood out for me based on other panels I've participated in / seen is that we were an interesting group to bring together. I don't think you'll often find a historian, a writer & comedian, a cloud engineer and a technical director on the same panel! We did all have direct experience too of having faced class / gender / race barriers in our careers. In my experience tech is a great sector for women but many people don't understand the range of job opportunities that there are - as you'll know it's definitely not all coding.” Toni Kent, Professional Funny Speaker, Compere, stand Up & Writer


 “All the brilliant ideas and brilliant women out there, but we find, as well, men that understand us and that may have or may have not suffer discrimination but are willing to mentor women to progress and achieve as much as men have done” Roxana Danger, Senior Data Scientist at RegulAltion

 “The main thing to keep in mind is that there’s no one size fits all in terms the support that can be provided.” Tamara Chehayeb Makarem, Lead User Experience Designer at Scott Logic


It was inspiring to see so many women come together for what was a motivational 2 days. If you didn’t catch it, take a moment to check out the Women in Tech Festival website and stay up to date for future events.


Being a recruiter, I understand that positive impact that I can make in promoting diversity in my sector and events like this that celebrate female success are exactly what is needed to help more women see IT as a viable career option. 


I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this fabulous event and encourage even more networking and positivity for the women in tech! Drop me an email at claire@initi8recruitment.com to share your thoughts.


Thank you to Computing News and CRN UK for hosting as well as all who took part and made it a truly great event!


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30 November 2021