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Oh What A Year! Claire Looks Back at Her First Year at Initi8

Oh What A Year! Claire Looks Back at  Her First Year at Initi8

Where has the year gone?

I cannot believe that just one year ago I walked through Initi8’s office doors for the first time. It’s fair to say that Claire one year ago was extremely nervous to leave her job of 10 years to join a new company. If only I could go back in time and tell myself that I didn’t have a single thing to worry about! Almost immediately after entering those office doors, I quickly settled in and became part of a warm, friendly and welcoming team that I love working with every single day. Thank you to the Initi8 team for welcoming me with open arms!


The training I did over a 4-week period was fantastic. The training program I was on, ensured I was well on track to learning all the new tech I needed to know about. With a mixture of great trainers and material, I was guided along the right path to pick things up quickly and retain the information. It was well adapted to me and ensured I was set up and ready to go into my new career head-on.

The start

Learning some great tips from Trevor Pinder, Founder of the Recruitment Training platform J9 Online, really led me on my road to success. The Deals soon rolled in and then I was off! The moment I made the first deal was such a great achievement. I felt so settled into a truly fabulous team and a new career with the help of my trusted colleagues, who helped guide me through and made time for me.

Looking back

After many great nights out including music quizzes, exclusive lunch clubs, a trip to Berlin for a conference and a Tough Mudder, it’s fair to say my world has really turned around and I Couldn’t be having more fun for a job I am actually paid to do!!

What it takes

If you have the courage to take a dive into a great career and have ambition and determination, then get in contact now. I can hand on heart say this year has changed me and I will not be looking back. To find out more to join a great team, get in touch today and you could be on the next night out with us!

A massive thank you to Stephen for believing in me and a great team at Initi8 for making me feel so welcome and be so successful in my first of many years here at Initi8.

Congratulations on your first year at Initi8 Claire! Here's what Stephen, Director of Initi8 had to say:

Bang, just like that.. 12 months in and Claire is delivering on massive amounts of promise! In just 12 months, Claire has become a “blogger”, delivering regular blogs usually after she has been to an industry event. She has become a “speaker” talking most recently at our CBF events. She has become a technical specialist (ask her anything about Golang!) an integral part of our team and a vital extension to the teams that she is supporting. A great first year well done!!

Let's keep up the great work together at Initi8 Recruitment and here's to many more great years to come!




05 October 2022