GopHER: My Introduction into Go

GopHER: My Introduction into Go

This is my first ever blog post and I will be taking my inspiration from GopherCon UK which Zak and myself attended on the 25th and 26th of October. The event was brilliant and a great insight into my journey with Go.


Wow, what a great experience for my introduction into Go! From the speakers to the organisers, from the great people to the sponsors, it was a fantastic couple of days. After such a long time, it was so nice to get back to networking face-to-face and to see everyone in person rather than over Zoom! I loved the conference and I met some great people who are very passionate about the Go space.


I started my journey over 15 years ago in Recruitment and now I am entering the exciting tech space, I find it to be incredibly warm and welcoming.


I really want to create a platform where Golang can be discussed from relevant topics in today’s market to how people are finding it. It would be great to learn from you, our readers, and gain from your experiences and further my knowledge from your perspectives. What I am finding out from speaking to clients and candidates is that Go is in a very exciting space right now and more candidates are eager to learn and explore Golang.


I would love to get to know you guys and spread the word of Go. It would be great to hear some tips of how you cross train into Go and why it is the language of the future. I would love to hear from you and understand your journey and reasons that got you working with Go?


A big shoutout to Riya Dattani and Chris James for giving me some tips on learning about Go which will be invaluable for me going forward. 


What to do now:

I would love to hear from you. You can contact me via LinkedIn or via email:

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for our next blog.




11 November 2021