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WeAreDevs Insights: Marcus Wojtusik

WeAreDevs Insights: Marcus Wojtusik

For this blog series, we sent two of our Senior Consultants, Claire Dutton and Maxwell Petch, to the WeAreDevelopers World Congress event in Berlin. After a 2-year break courtesy of Covid-19, we couldn’t wait to join 250+ speakers and 8000+ Developers to discuss trends and opportunities in modern software development. 

We set out to learn each person’s take on what’s happening in their field, which tools they find most useful, how they level up their skills, and where all of this can be applied to building better technology products.

Meeting Marcus Wojtusik - Software Engineer at Audi Software Development Center

Marcus was happy to speak at this event on behalf of his employer. He saw it as a great opportunity to meet other developers, exchange opinions, and learn from their experiences.

Tech For Ease, Tech For Good

Dart is Marcus’ current programming language of choice because it’s easy to learn and includes handy features like the spread operator, extensions, and mixins – especially now it supports sound null safety. 

Despite the many modern-day ethical concerns, Marcus believes in technology’s potential to become a neutral object, accessible for everyone to participate, contribute, and benefit from – ultimately making the world a better place. Our friends at Tech for Good would certainly agree.

Everyone appreciates validation, and Marcus enjoyed meeting like-minded developers who shared many of the same concerns but were just as enthusiastic about the tools that make his work life easier – such as the easy-to-learn and multi-platform application framework no code build capabilities of Flutter.

The Best Career Advice

The Pareto principle, or 80/20 rule, is regarded by Marcus as the best career advice he’s had. For those not in the know, it states that roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes, an idea that has the power to radically change how we view our productivity. 

Marcus feels fulfilled at work by finding balance and staying true to oneself. He warns that taking a job you don’t like for more money won’t make you happy and isn’t sustainable. This is a sentiment shared by many developers who learned these lessons early in their careers.

Hiring in Tech

As a hiring manager himself, Marcus regards passion as an important attribute in a potential candidate. He says that someone who clearly loves the topic and wants to do the job will always stand out against an apathetic opponent, regardless of experience. Marcus believes that to attract more women into tech, we need to drop damaging stereotypes around STEM jobs and become better at promoting tech careers in schools.

A big thanks to Marcus for taking the time to speak with us at the WeAreDeveloper’s Event and sharing his insights and advice!

Want to hear more from Marcus? Connect with him on LinkedI

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21 July 2022